The Dojo

Challenge yourself and change your life forever: be impressed by your own potential with Shaolin Kungfu.

Shaolin Kung fu

You can learn different styles, skills and much more: with more than twenty years of experience in Shaolin training, we guarantee the most authentic Kung fu preparation you are looking for

Martial Arts Explained

We created this portal with just one mission: to show you what's beyond a punch, what's beneath a technique, and what is the ultimate meaning in Martial Arts.

Totally hand-crafted

Heart of the Orient is not a typical Martial Arts Dojo: Every single thing you'll see at our Dojo is uniquely designed, built and constantly improved by our Motivation

Australia's first designed, built and owned Dojo for Shaolin Kung fu

Imagine stepping into The Orient... a place that blends the feeling of Home, of being in a Martial Arts Dojo and in a Temple all at the same time and surrounded by a hand-crafted world that will take you straight to the heart... a Heart of The Orient.

Heart of The Orient is the first hand-crafted Dojo in Newcastle (NSW) dedicated to the true lovers of Shaolin Martial Arts.
  • If you’re not afraid to challenge yourself...

    ...if you want to learn how to give your best, and if you want to train to overcome even the most difficult situations, come to our Dojo. For however long you decide to train here at our Academy, you will be committed to learn to master your body and mind, to learn discipline and respect, and to defend yourself and others: a difficult task, which does not allow indecisions and weakness. Our Academy will help you override the way of thinking "I should have thought of it before".
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