Bone & Muscle Conditioning (BMC)

shaolin temple australia“You can be the fastest and most skilled fighter in the world,
but throwing a punch is still throwing a punch: it hurts”

legs conditioning mmaPreparing the body in mass, speed, stretching, technical and cardio endurance is useless if training is not focused in making it able to resist the first impact. It may be in defending or in attacking, but both situations lead to local pain that can jeopardize a fight, even during training. Bone and Muscle Conditioning (simplified in BMC) is an essential part of Martial arts training because it makes the whole body insensitive to continuous impact during specific training like sparring.

Introduced into Shaolin Temple as part of a daily mantra, BMC is a specific routine for bone conditioning but also targets muscles in order to harden them like rock. It is a very painful class, let’s face it, but following the motto “adaptation is the key to evolution” your body (and brain) will become accustomed to these continuous and voluntary grueling routines. By training the body to be less sensitive to the pain from a strike, you can focus much more on the next move, and not on your hurting leg. Compared to Fitness training, BMC requires far more perseverance and consistency in training since it is difficult for the body to become acclimatised to the pain, but very easy to lose the level so painfully reached! If you persevere and combine it with Hard Qigong, you will reache one of the secrets of the Shaolin Monks training.

BMC is an undeniable foundation training for full contact sports such as Kick Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA.

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