buddha_foto in kyushuLearning meditation is not about going to the Himalayas, meditating in a monastery and then returning to normal life and forgetting about it. True application of meditation encourages you to incorporate the principles into your everyday life and to every breath. This is the only way to authentically begin to experience a sense of inner peace and it is possible!

Meditation is an ancient practice and can be found in various forms around the world. The benefits of having a regular practice of meditation are astounding. Not only does it have the power to change the brain, it can improve one’s health, wellbeing, self-esteem, and overall resilience. It is a way to get to know your real self, beyond mind, beyond emotion and beyond your past. The advantages are limitless.

Meditation can be Passive (eg, physically relaxing, closing one’s eyes, laying or sitting down) or Active (eg, being mindful whilst engaging in everyday activities, during exercise, or particularly in QiGong and Taiji Quan practice).

At Heart of the Orient, we offer both passive and active styles of meditation. Everyone can find a suitable meditation style or simply learn a few techniques to enhance their life.



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