Zazen Meditation

buddha_foto in kyushuZazen meditation (坐禅 Zuo Chan in Chinese, Za Zen in Japanese) takes the name from the original Indian meditation, called dhyāna in Sanscrit, then renamed by Chinese Buddism in “chan’na” (simply “chan“) and consequently Zen in Japanese.

This ancient practice can be also found in Daoism (坐忘, zuowang, literally meaning “sitting in the void”).

Posture: Zazen’s posture is the “lotus position”. For those who cannot hold the lotus position for long time, due to the physical difficulty or limitations, half-lotus position is also a valid option.

As an ultimate way to  meditate without holding the original lotus position, Heart of The Orient offers a specific meditation stool that allows deep meditation sessions while keeping you back straight and relaxed.


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