qigong principaleBreathing for the treatment of your body: how such a basic gesture can do this? Of course everyone knows how stressful rhythms of life can make our breathing tense and shallow with obvious consequences on our body. Qigong practice takes you back to the roots of your existence, re-educating your body to breathe properly in order to re-establish correct equilibrium. Qigong气功 (pronounced “chi kun” – erroneously written “chi kung”) is an ancient practice handed down through the centuries, considered the foundation for disease prevention and global body strengthening through a series of slow and harmonious postures that bring vigor and well-being to all organs. Not only Heart of The Orient brings Qigong to Newcastle in all its authenticity, but also offers you different ways to train it.

Qigong literally means “work of Qi, or simply breathing”. Qi is the vital energy that gives us life and can be intended as “breathing” to better understand it. Through this “deep work of breathing”, as the words say, oxygenation and blood flow is given to all of the body in a more regular and directional way.

Originally brought by Indian heritage to Shaolin temple, it has been used for more than 1500 years by monks as a way to make their body stronger and not limited to this. As a matter of fact, there are many different Qigong routines: basic ones (such as Sun Qigong and Earth Qigong) are used for health-based benefits, whereas advanced ones have extraordinary advantages in terms of making body stronger and less sensitive to physical pain.

As a consequence of these benefits, Shaolin monks decided to include this routine as their basic warm-down practice after each training; results were amazing: they felt less exhausted every day, their ability to cope with physical pain just doubled, they could prevent sickness and last but not least they could perform things that science still finds hard to explain, like standing upside-down on one finger (as seen performed by Shi Hai Dang, an aged Shaolin monk, now the only one able to perform this ancient one-finger meditation).


Let’s face it: we live in a society where Science and Physics are given far too much credit for trying to give us explainations to all things surrounding us. After Galileo Galilei‘s scientific method was considered the only way for people all round the world to prove their theories (1611), today’s society still finds hard to accept in primis everything that doesn’t “pass the test”. Although Galileo‘scientific method is certainly valid for countless events, we don’t have to forget that Life is beautiful for its mysterious side too, and that one of the typical features of humankind is to try to explain everything, going beyond the mere action of “being curious”. Therefore we should learn to just enjoy Life and its mysteries, keeping in mind that there are still many things in our body waiting for answers: Qigong is the best way to discover this fascinating world.

Each Qigong routine has its own benefits:

for therapeutic purposes

Sun Qigong

Earth Qigong

Moon Qigong

specific for Martial Arts

Hard Qigong

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