Moon Qigong

mnkscirc2This type of Qigong is a fundamental practice in the ideas and development of energy. It can help in the practice of dissolving Jing into Qi (Jing, Qi and Shen are three forms of energy), and to bring about conscious awareness of your working organs. The sequence of movements exercises all of the necessary arteries and veins, and the aim is to eliminate illness and prolong life: this way Body, Heaven and Earth integrate through correct use of energy. This routine takes advantage of particular Chinese Medicine acupuncture points being stimulated during the 30 minutes sequence.

For martial arts benefits, Moon Qi Gong will facilitate proper alignment of muscles and bones for sturdiness, power, accuracy and fluidity of movement. It will also yield great improvements in levels of skill and coordination. Acknowledging the strength of these opposites in relation to each other is the essence of this type of Qigong: it can improve your martial arts practice by enhancing your power and also give medical benefits for healing.

The ancient name of this routine is Pan Gen Qigong and is actually the most powerful routine Heart of the Orient can offer, despite its complexity, which requires a bit of time to get accustomed to.


Suitable For: everybody

Major Improvements: body balance and stability in movement, improved blood circulation to fingers and toes, healing headaches and other heart diseases

Main Muscle Involved: legs

Previous Experience Required: It is recommended, but not preventing any enthusiasts to attend the class


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