Sun Qigong

heart of the orient soleqigongThis Qigong routine is one of the basic routines taught at the Shaolin temple. Easy to perform, it helps you learn to direct your Qi in a range of different positions.

“Energy moves, the blood moves. Energy stops, the blood stops. Life continues because the movements of the body cause the energy to flow normally and keep Yin and Yang in balance. Stimulating the body through correct exercise prevents disease and senility from occurring”
Master Lin Jin Rong

Suitable For: everybody

Major Improvements: global oxygenation and reduces physical tension

Main Muscles Involved: legs, shoulders

Previous Experience Required: none


shunlian shenghuo kungfu enroll nowAll styles above belong to the Shunlian Shenghuo Kungfu Academy program and brought to you in their genuineness.
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The Shunlian Shenghuo Kungfu Academy allows its Students to learn any style with no limitation. However, we strongly suggest to follow a gradual, 3+2 years program where you will start from the basics to the toughest Shaolin Kungfu styles. Furthermore, this is the only way the Academy recognizes your achievements.



Earth Qigong

Moon Qigong

specific for Martial Arts

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