Earth Qigong

heart of the orient terraqigongAccording to Shaolin culture, Qigong is able to cure diseases and delay senility by drawing energy into the body. The process of gathering energy and co-coordinating breath, replenishes and balances the energy in the four limbs and trunk.

“What affects the body affects the mind and vice versa”

This routine requires a little more effort in concentration since it consists of controlling your Qi whilst in a continuous movement rather that directing it whilst staying static. The main benefit, as a consequence of this, is the ability to get an extremely high amount of energy at the end of the session.

Through the gentle controlling of your energy, your body relaxes and your mind becomes calm. When practicing this exercise the state of the mind is very important. The connection between the emotional body and the mind will help to develop calmness, intelligence and stimulate the memory,

The main challenge in this routine is to keep focused all of the time and what you will experience at the end of the routine, as a reward, is something incredible.


Suitable For: everybody, especially physically weak people

Major Improvements: concentration and blood flow to all of the body

Main Muscle Involved: legs, shoulders

Previous Experience Required: none


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