The Dojo

Be the le42 - Copiaader of your life! Start doing something healthy for your body and mind with the constant help and guidance of a Team of Health Professionals.

There are so many methods for you to try here at the Dojo to help you reach your goals. For some people it is the physical way and for others it is a more spiritual focus.

Originally erected in Northern Italy as the operative center of Shunlian Shenghuo Kungfu Academy, the current center established in Newcastle, Australia, offers a holistic blend of disciplines including Shaolin Kung fu and Mindfulness Meditation. All this in a handcreafted Japanese style dojo!

Whether you want to get fit, become a martial artist or find your inner peace through meditation, our team of highly qualified and experienced Health Professionals are here to guide you towards your goals.

There is so much love and care at our Dojo, individually built with just our hands: we believe so much in our mission that every single step you’ll take is carefully handcrafted with only one purpose: share with you the same passion that motivates us everyday.

And if you really love the Orient, we handcraft wooden furniture for you, in pure Oriental style!


Heart of The Orient is the first designed, built and owned Dojo in Australia. Because we put Kung fu in everything, not only in the way we teach.

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