This DIY project has nothing to do with Martial Arts, although it shares their principles such as dedication, precision and adaptation.
This Zelda Treasure Chest Gaming PC Case, along with the ever-changing and sometimes overwhelming run for the ultimate Gaming PC/Console, showcases my personal idea of Computer Case.

With this hand-crafted prototype of mine I also want to thank Nintendo for inspiring me, as well as gamers all round the world, to use imagination first, and play second.

Fabio Zambelli

ATTENTION: This is NOT a Nintendo Product – Prototype Patent Pending


  1. Made with 100% Cedar wood
  2. Super compact Form Factor
  3. Built-in Air Ionizer + Air Purifier
  4. Drop your favorite essence and perfume your room!
  5. A sad Deku-Kid keeps it cool from within
  6. Italian Designed and hand-crafted



In order to keep this Zelda Treasure Chest Gaming PC cool, I had to find a compromise between appearance and functionality: the chest is also timber-made, which makes everything even more complex. In the end just two little holes (hidden from view on the back of the chest) allow fresh air to get inside, while a bigger hole (70×70) is placed right above the upper cover, but still out of sight, to guarantee the right expulsion of hot air.




  • Motherboard: ASUS A88XM-A
  • CPU: AMD Athlon X4 760K Quad Core
  • RAM: 16 Gb DDR3
  • GPU: MSI Nvidia GTX 1060 Aero ITX 6Gb
  • PSU: ThermalTake Litepower Gen2 550 Watt

*to all Computer hardcore Enthusiasts: the aim of this project is not racing for the toughest hardware (that becomes old after 12 hours) but showing the potential of this Zelda Treasure Chest Gaming PC to accommodate more powerful configurations, according to each User’s needs or goals. I’ve been receiving comments like “too old / crap hardware”and this clearly demonstrates that you missed the point of all this prototype. It’s the Chest, NOT the Hardware.

martial arts styles compared


Everyone will agree that having so many extra hard drives is useless, but when it comes to set up a workstation, and not just playing, having extra drives is compulsory. Why so many, you are asking…? As a former IT technician, I am aware that just one Solid State Disk cannot guarantee performances and reliability, hence the possibility to install up to four mechanical drives, each one with a different purspose (documents, gaming, video editing, media…). RAID configurations are also available for motherboards supporting this extremely useful feature.



Yes, it’s sad, but Zelda enthusiasts know well that Deku Kids, as well as the other Deku characters, are sad by nature (well, not all of them). I decided to ask one of them to help this Zelda chest to stay cool, and so far he’s doing the job. Basically this Sad Deku Kid vacuums hot air from within and kicks it back on the “second floor” of the chest!



I hate breathing bad air. Especially after so many hours spent at the computer. Everyone knows how unhealthy it can be, so that’s why I decided to install an Air Ionizer that embraces the bad air, charges with good Ions, and releases it out in a new, at least healthier state. It’s not like having a walk in the Italian Alps, but trust me: it does its job.


PART 7: THE GLADE (air freshener with scent)

Ultimately, to make this Zelda Treasure Chest Gaming PC more interesting, I created a small device that uses the Venturi effect of the inlet-air system, mixing fresh air with a small part of your favorite scent: this way you can work, play, watch a movie just like walking in the Lost Woods!


The Zelda Treasure Chest Gaming PC in this video is the Micro ATX version. Making a smaller version is not a problem, but I wanted to showcase the version that does not compromise performances, hence the decision to install a PCI Express card and more Hard Drives. I also made a small-chest version for the Nintendo Switch (see page) to demonstrate that - yes - space can considerably be reduced to accomodate a less-powerful configuration.
Having two panels keeps chambers separated, so the motherboard temperature will always be stable. Hard drives have a separate cooling system. Avoiding the panels would mean forcing the nearby mechanical Hard Drives (if you decide to install them) to overheat. Also for this reason, deciding not to install any extra hard drive will make the inner chest more pleasant to enjoy when you open it, as the “Deku Kid” mask wouldn’t be needed to suck the extra air from beneath.
When playing, case temperature is stable between 37 and 39, CPU instead ranges between 49 and 59. When working on programs that don’t involve GPU processing, T is between 32 and 35 (motherboard), CPU 49 - 52.
Timber definately makes it harder to keep it cool, as everyone knows that metals have better thermal conductivity, however the cooling system I designed is doing a good job so far. Of course, after endless tests and tries.
Sorry, this is a prototype and it's not for sale. If you are an Investor and you consider making this prototype a large scale product (without Zelda logo, for obvious reasons) you can contact me privately.
At Heart of The Orient Dojo, New South Wales, Australia. Everything you see in the video has been personally handcrafted.
I was, from 1995 to 2009. I specialized in compact/silent workstation solutions for mid-size Enterprises. Now I run a Martial Arts School, but I still enjoy having fun with computers.