Rebirth & Growth – A Qigong & Taiji Quan workshop for your Wellbeing


Join our Workshop dedicated just to your Wellbeing!

Harrietville Community Hall – Online Booking is required


Following Nature’s rhythms, taking care of both your body and mind, whilst simultaneously working on your inner Life force (Qi), is the ultimate key to a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to ancient practices handed down through centuries, you will learn how to take care of yourself and allow both your body and mind to recharge, and to welcome a totally new lifestyle along with its rebirth, its creativity and challenges.


Breathing for the treatment of the body: how such a basic gesture can do this? Qigong (pronounced “chi kun” ) will take you back to the roots of existence, re-educating your body to breathe properly in order to re-establish a correct equilibrium. Qigong is considered the foundation for disease prevention and global body strengthening, through a series of slow and harmonious postures that bring vigor and well-being to all organs.


Taijiquan* differs from Qigong because its practice looks more a gentle exercise rather than a routine requiring physical effort. This is true to some degree, as Taijiquan is indeed a super effective practice for keeping fit through moderate exercise, whilst increasing internal life energy (Qi).

*”Taiji quan” is the correct way to name this discipline, according to the official phonetic system Hanyu Pinyin – “Tai chi chuan” is widely spread as the English way to pronounced, although the words Taiji quan should be used.


Too often underrated, Stretching is that ingredient in life – whether it be sedentary or active – that cannot be left out from our daily tasks, as it is basically responsible for preventing injuries and reducing recovery times, in case you are leading an active lifestyle.
Shaolin Monk Stretching takes advantage of the relaxation gained from Qigong and merges it with the well known benefits of Stretching, making it the ultimate flexibility and relaxation combo. This art form is part of the curriculum of Shaolin Kung Fu.



Multiple dates available:

  • Sunday 12th February
  • Sunday 5th March
  • Sunday 2nd April
  • Sunday 7th May

Duration: 9:00 to max 11:00 AM

Where: Harrietville Community Hall

Workshop will be professionally conducted by Shifu Fabio Zambelli, 26 years experience in Shaolin Martial Arts and accredited Instructor from Shaolin Grandmaster Shi Xing Long


Please attend 10 minutes early that day, and please bring your own matt.