New Students are invited to read through our Frequently Asked Questions before enrolling

Booking is required to access our classes. You can reserve your place by contacting us via mail or Facebook. Students may decide to purchase a Pass-Card for membership formulas: this will give them access to discounted prices.
Minimum age for enrolling: 17 years old. If you don’t know where to start, we strongly recommend you to join our two-times-a-week Shaolin Kung fu class, which is meant to take you step by step to the highest levels of Shaolin Martial Arts. If, instead, you are confident to learn other classes our Dojo offers, or a combination of them, welcome on board and let’s start training. Shaolin kung fu is a complete way of living: differently to other martial arts styles, our aim is teaching you to master your body and mind by training all aspects contributing at making a combatant strong and confident under all circumstances.
You can have an idea of the Academy fees by clicking here. There are no enrollment fees and purchasing the official uniform and shoes is totally up to you. Purchasing a proper belt, however, is the only thing we ask in order for all Students to display a proper grade. Cost is $14 for beginner's belt. We don't offer free-trial lessons.
Admittance into advanced styles, forms or weapons is dependent on your experience. Whatever your style is (Aikido, Karate, Judo, Brazilian Jujitsu, MMA or other), you might be taght advanced forms according to your level.
If you choose to attend our main Shaolin Kungfu class (Tuesday + Friday), please note that training will follow an eight-class training cycle: this means you will attend two classes per week (Tuesday + Friday), spread in a four week program, for a total of eight classes. Each class is different and progressive: it can be basics, it can be acrobatics, kick boxing, self defense, weapons and many others (you can discover more about our classes by clicking here). If you already know which class you want to attend and you wish to skip the rest, you are totally free to do it, although we encourage new Students to try them all and enroll in a full-month cycle if it's the first time you train with us. You can contact us anytime to check which class is on that particular day.
Our mission is to provide the most genuine and Shaolin monk-like preparation to our Students. However, to ensure all Athletes are given an increasing training experience, and in order to avoid over-training, our teaching style is set to a basic-level for the first academic year. This, of course, won't limit your training experience if your goal is to challenge yourself and get the best from the class! All other experienced Kungfu Athletes who train regularly and desire to have a real Shaolin experience are invited to attend the advanced class scheduled at 5 AM, Monday to Friday. This is totally up to you and how hard you want to challenge yourself. To access our early morning class you need to have a minimum of 3 years martial experience, and a minimum training schedule of 10 hours per week.
Yes, our timetable offers a Wednesday class, but it's a specific style (called Baji Quan, Eight Extremities Boxing) and is focused mainly on self defense: this extra day is also suitable for people who don't like the intense and demanding Shaolin Training, although is no doubt that Baji Quan training will still keep you very fit.
Yes: you can visit our technical website Martial Arts Explained where you can find inspirational videos, tips and tricks for your Martial training: check this out
Yes: water (heaps), a towel and - most important - running shoes.
Yes. For all Kick Boxing / Sparring questions, please navigate here.
Sorry, attending our premises is only allowed whether a Students is willing to actively participate in it.

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