Heart of The Orient Fees

Feel free to choose the way that best suits you when attending our courses.

For Victoria based Classes:
$ 15 Qigong classes (one class ~ 45 min.)
$ 20
Bootcamp, Core&Strength, Kick Boxing classes (one class ~ 55 min.)
$ 25 Martial Arts classes (one class ~ 70 min.)
$ 75 one-on-one instruction (one full hour)
($ 65 for enrolled Athletes in any existing class)


Discounts apply for athletes purchasing Multiple-class Cards
Terms and Conditions apply


For Newcastle (NSW) based Classes:
$ 16
per single class
$ 40 one-on-one instruction (one full hour)

Booking remains necessary for all Athletes. One-on-one fees must be paid in advance and are non refundable. A small extra fee may be added when paying by debit or credit card (NSW only)