Heart of The Orient Fees

Feel free to choose the way that best suits you when attending our courses.
The following Heart of The Orient Fees are valid until the end of August 2021

For Victoria based Classes:
$ 15 Qigong classes (one class ~ 40 min.)
$ 15
Other morning classes (one class ~ 50 min.)
$ 25 Kids afternoon classes (one class ~ 90 min.)
$ 75 one-on-one instruction (one full hour)
– – – SPECIAL $ 65 UNTIL SPRING – – –


Discounts apply for athletes purchasing Multiple-class Cards


For Newcastle (NSW) based Classes:
$ 16
per single class
$ 40 one-on-one instruction (one full hour)

Booking remains necessary for all Athletes. One-on-one fees must be paid in advance and are non refundable. A small extra fee may be added when paying by debit or credit card (NSW only)