Qigong, according to Shaolin culture, is known for being able to cure diseases and delay senility by driving energy into the body: the process of gathering energy and synchronizing your own breath replenishes and balances the energy in both the four limbs and trunk.

“What affects the body affects the mind and vice versa”

There are two types of Qigong:

for therapeutic purposes

Through the gentle routine of controlling energy, your body relaxes and your mind becomes calm. The connection between emotional body and mind will help developing calmness, brightness and stimulate memory: what you will experience at the end of the routine, as a reward, is something incredible.

specific for Martial Arts
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When Qigong benefits blend with improved muscular strength, you are taking one more step towards the achievment of Qigong power: this particular type of practice is well known in Martial Arts for allowing the body to become insensitive to pain for few seconds by directing the Qi flow to a specific area. For example, when a stick strikes the arm of the monk, the area of the arm becomes stronger and insensitive to pain due to the ability to focus  the energy (Qi) into one point.

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