By purchasing one or more Heart of The Orient Multi-access Cards, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions


“Agreement” means this Membership Agreement, including the Schedule, Terms and Conditions and any recitals or annexures;
“Fees” means all fees payable by you to join and participate to our classes, as mentioned at the following link,
including both Casual Classes (one entry only) and Multi-access Cards (giving the Client access to up to ten classes)
Multi-access Card
“Multi-access Card” consists into a physical and personal Card that will be given to you in person within 24 hours from placing your cash or on-line purchase.
A Multi-access Card will mention your hand-written name on it.

General rules

  1. Upon booking a single class with us, you will be entitled to participate to one chosen class and at the earliest scheduled class.
    Booking is void and not refunded if attendance is missed.
  2. Upon booking a Multi-acces Card from us, you will be entitled to participate to the chosen class and for up to ten times, with no limits in attending.
    This means you can come to the chosen class any time you want, until your card runs out. We will punch your card each time you attend your class, so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of how many lessons you have left.


Some Services, such as Personal Training Services or individual Martial Arts Tuition, are excluded from the Membership, and may require payment of additional fees as offered by the relevant provider.
You acknowledge and agree that, except as otherwise specified in this Agreement or as required by law, all Heart of The Orient Fees are non-refundable upon termination of this Agreement, and your failure to use your Multi-access Card does not allow for early termination of this Agreement, nor does it warrant a refund of any type. You further acknowledge and agree that failure to use your Multi-access Card does not affect any of the terms of this Agreement, and Heart of The Orient is no way responsible for your level of usage, card loss, nor is it our responsibility to notify you of your usage at any stage.
You recognise that any one-entry class purchase, as well as any other Multi-access Card type, is non refundable on cancelling your membership, and that you must purchase a new Multi-access Card if you lose or damage the one supplied to you at the time of purchase.
In the event that one or more planned classes are suspended/closed for reasons including: insufficient number of Athletes/Students OR natural/health-based events that may induce our Academy to cease teaching for period longer than four months, Heart of The Orient will provide a full refund of your Multi-access Card, excluding sessions that have been already stamped by any of our Staff.
Heart of The Orient's Multi-access Card don't have any expiration. You may be wanting to transfer your Multi-access Card to another person for the balance of the Term withour prior consent. This must be done in-person 20 minutes before any class, by simply booking an appointment with us.