Shaolin Bootcamp

By definition, a Bootcamp is a type of high-intensity workout known for its intensity but also for its effectiveness. Bootcamp sessions are famous for blending military-based exercises with some less-heavy fitness patterns, in order to provide an intense workout to all hardcore fitness enthusiasts, while still featuring some low-intensity routines for the session to be still enjoyable by all people, regardless of their age and fitness level.

Bootcamps today

Although Bootcamps are known for being military based, commercial Bootcamps are generally run by Instructors that lack direct experience with the martial world, despite being higly qualified Professionals. Our Shaolin Bootcamp brings you the same thirst for challenge of a traditional Bootcamp, by blending typical exercises of a normal Bootcamp class with selected routines taken from years of direct martial camp training.

What is Shaolin?

The Shaolin Temple is the cradle where most of worldwide Martial Arts were born, and its 1500 years-old cultural heritage is worldwide known for having formed generations of Fighting Monks, along with their outstanding powers coming from the introduction of breathing techniques into their daily routines.

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Warning: Shaolin Bootcamps are not Martial Arts Classes. If you want to join our Martial Arts Classes, click here

We strongly believe that pushing both body and mind on a regular basis is the only way to prepare yourself for any unforseen situation that life can present – any time, any condition -. Only a strongly-prepared Martial Artist can really embrace the saying “be ready to everything”, as you would ever know when life will ask you to be tested.