Tiny House! A build-you-own-home Workshop for all kids!


Learn how to build a house from scratch!



Learn how to build a house from scratch!

If you are curious about how a real house is built, come to our workshop: you will learn to assemble a scaled model tiny house (approx. 60 x 60 cm – ground size) with real parts, following the exact criteria of a real life house!

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Learn to identify all parts that are involved in a real house
  • Understand the operating principles of most structural criteria involved
  • Learn to discern between wood-built and brick-built houses
  • Assemble from scratch a tiny house (each kid will work on his/her own) using real concrete/timber/screws/glue in a total safe and full of fun environment
  • Learn useful skills that can be handy at any moment: triggering kids’ curiosity to a creative approach/basic home repairing/engaging brain in designing different styles


When: Saturday 27 August, 10:00 to 16:00

Where: Harrietville Community Hall

Each kids is invited to bring his/her own snack, as we will take different breaks during workshop.

FAQ 1: I am not a kid: can I participate? YES, sure

FAQ 2: Do I have to book? Yes, booking is required. Also attend the event 10 minutes earlier, thank you!

FAQ 3: Is this event going to be dangerous? NO-WAY: the event purpose is just to illustrate basic engineering principles in a practical way. No dangerous powertool be handled by any kid – No tool will be allowed to be operated by any kid unsupervised

FAQ 4: Can parents attend/supervise/help during the workshop? SURE! They are welcome


Workshop will be professionally conducted by Fabio Zambelli, Italian artist and builder.

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