Yunnan Red Tea

red tea

Yunnan Red Tea is famous for:

  • being highly eupeptic
  • lowering cholesterol level in blood
  • dramatically reducing sugar level in blood

Heart of The Orient personally selects and purchases the best Yunnan Red Tea from China, and recommends this special tea to all Martial Arts Enthusiasts who train regularly and need to neutralize the free radical oxidative effect.

Studies confirm that Yunnan Red Tea is able to lead to up to 25 kilograms of weight loss in three weeks

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Brewing instructions for Customers who purchased our Yunnan Red-Tea:

  1. Brew one little red-tea wheel in hot water (not boiling)
  2. Wait at least five minutes, or until the wheel has completely dissolved
  3. One wheel makes up to two liters of Red Tea: you can thin the dark-red cup you just brewed by adding up to two liters of warm or cold water
  4. You can refrigerate your Yunnan Red Tea and enjoy it any time during your hot summer days
  5. Red Tea Efficiency is boosted during meals (detailed information here)