Hello Everyone, I regret to inform you that some classes in Harrietville will close due to low attendance.
My approach to this situation, although sad, is of total acceptance: training was intense and proactive, and I had fun teaching while enjoying the fast progess you all made.

Unlike just one year ago, where I wanted to impose my classes to a new area of Australia, my strategy is now prioritizing other types of work, whatever form they will have – hopefully matching my skills – and relocating remaining classes to times and days that match my new position. This is a transitional phase: martial classes will always continue: they just need to go through a momentary adaptation, like everything in life.

Closing and non-resuming classes

– Bootcamp (Monday)
– Core & Strength (Wednesday)
– Qigong (Wednesday)

Pending classes

– Shaolin Kids
Resuming on Thursday, May 5th, same time.
– Thursday Evening Shaolin (18:15 to 19:15)
Still available, same time, until the current program of study is accomplished (two more lessons to go, then decision to continue will be given to Students’)

– One-on-one training
Temporarily available on Fridays and Saturdays (Monday to Thursday: pending until I cease my professional agreement, currently in Wangaratta). Resuming any day, by appointment, starting from May 5th.

Moving classes:

The following classes will be more likely moved to Friday morning, although I would like to receive a feedback from you, based on your preference. Together we will find a way to give continuity to what we have started:
Shaolin (currently on Wednesday 7:00 to 8:00) –> will move to Friday morning , 6:00 to 7:00, and will alternate with Kick Boxing. I apologize for interrupting the weekly continuity in Kick Boxing, but I really want to fit both realities. Prices will remain the same: 20 $ for Kick Boxing, 25 $ for Shaolin Martial Arts.


You will be returned any amount left on your card by the 18th of May, unless you agree to continue training in the days and times explained above.
You don’t need to return your card/s, as I’ve been keeping an up-to-date history database on my terminal. Please send me your bank/paypal details via email and I will process the refund, or contact me to discuss other options.


Confident of the bond we have built over the past year, I am looking forward training with you with the same intensity and passion. I hope you will understand that this big shift in my career will take few more adjustments, and that my “other side”, the “manual and creative one”, will hopefully be of help to some local reality in the near future.

Thank you for your perseverance in training: Mission accomplished.