Drunken fist boxing classes in Newcastle NSW – Learn Zui quan
Drunken Fist Boxing (Zui quan) aims to get the enemy distracted through irregular and off-balance movements. Regardless of its legendary origins and its weird-looking movements, Drunken Fist Boxing is essential, during sparring, for giving the fighter the ability to fight and attack in any condition. Practiced fo a non-boxing-based training, Drunken Fist Boxing is great for keeping your body relaxed, flexible and extremely fit.

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More about Drunken Fist Boxing: the hardest among Chinese Martial Arts styles
Probably the most bizarre but choreographic of all Martial Arts styles, Drunken Fist Boxing is mysterious like its origin. It is also called the Boxing of the Eight Drunkards, taking this name from the legends surrounding the Taoistic period where Drunken Boxing was born. Following their Taoistic heritage, these eight immortals’ aim was NOT to showcase the pleasure of drinking, but rather the ability to blend sobriety with skills, and as a consequence of this, attaining enlightenment as fluidity and complete freedom of movement.

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There are many legends linked to the origin of this style. The most credited one goes as follows: one day in ancient China, after winning a martial arts tournament, a Kungfu school started celebrating its victory drinking heaps of the typical Asian liquor (Bajiu). According to the legend, members of the defeated school, who came to their campus to take their revenge, got beaten again, as their opponent were all drunk after celebrating late that night.

drunkenWhy learning Drunken Fist Boxing. It is this set of bizarre characteristic that make this style so useful in sparring: regardless of the choreographic part of it, Drunken fist boxing instructs practitioners not to get drunk (of course), but to use improvisation to create a chance to strike, and the ability to strike fists from very awkward and unusual positions, where a traditional fighter would find hard to perform due to the unbalanced nature of the Drunken Boxing guard.

Heart of The Orient for the first time introduces Drunken Fist Boxing in Newcastle NSW to Martial Artists of any style, and is proudly brought to you by Shifu Fabio Zambelli. We recommend at least 3 years of constant practice in any martial style, along with perfect bone and joint conditions.


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