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Looking for Shaolin Kung fu Classes in Newcastle?

Come to Heart of The Orient Dojo: originally established in Italy in 2010 by Shifu Fabio Zambelli and brought to Australia in 2012, Heart of The Orient is the first Shaolin Kung fu School in Newcastle NSW (Australia). From April 2021 our hand-crafted Dojo is no longer accessible to Students: the new indoor location is:

Joseph Joe Cox

Location: 129 Croudace Rd, Elermore Vale NSW 2287
Training Days:
Monday + Thursday 18:00 to 19:30 (Shaolin basics)
Instructor in charge: Joseph Cox
Facebook Page for the area: click here


Our mission doesn’t end here

Alongside with our commitment to bringing you genuine shaolin kung fu classes in Newcastle, we have also designed a website for all enrolled Students and Martial Arts Enthusiasts wishing to widen their knowledge with technical articles, videos and additional skills. Check this out: