Teaching Style 

Over the past 26 years Shifu Fabio Zambelli has dedicated every day to completely embodying the intense Shaolin kung fu training, discipline and overall lifestyle. This includes constant daily arduous training, commencing early at 4:00, rain, hail or shine. Training sessions are demanding, as he strongly believes in the enormous value of spreading genuine Shaolin Martial Arts as a way to sensitize people towards the reason that big achievements come from big self-denial an daily commitment.

Area of Expertise

Hard Qigong, Shaolin long Staff, Baji quan

Awards and Achievements

2001 – Kungfu Endurance Competition: Mabu stance –  1st place – Bergamo, Italy
2008 – Endurance Running contest: 1st place – Jilin, China
2008 – Dao lu: Shaolin Weapons contest: Shaolin Long staff – 1st place – Jilin, China

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