Masters of the Academy

Fabio ZambelliFabio Zambelli – Founder of the Academy, of Heart of The Orient and Martial Arts Explained.
Fabio dedicated every day of his life to completely embodying Shaolin Martial Arts. He merged his vow to martial arts with his extensive experience in Italian craftmanship and engineering, using curiosity as his main talent, and balancing out the lack of it with constant “trying, failing-and-starting again” mental attitude. His Dojo is the result of more than 23 years of efforts and continuous self-development, his motto is “first win then fight”. Discover more about Fabio Zambelli

Shi Xing LongShi Xing Long – Shaolin Kungfu Master
Born in 1978, Shi Xing Long was trained in the legendary Shaolin monastery. His specialties are Sanda (Chinese Kick Boxing), Luohan quan, Nan quan, Shaolin gun (staff form) and Shaolin jian (broadsword form). Shi Xing Long currently belongs to the thirty-second generation of Shaolin monks. In addition to numerous victories obtained in dao-lu tournaments, he obtained the first place in the China-Korea sparring competitions in 2005. Discover more about Shi Xing Long

Lin Jin RongLin Jin Rong – Baji quan Master
Lin Sifu was born in 1953. In 2002 he obtained a diploma of merit from the Chinese Wushu Association. He currently specializes in the following styles: Baji quan, Muzi quan, Pigua, Jin gang ba shi, Lin da kai, Quin na, Wudang jian, Taiji quan, Taiji jian (4 forms), Bagua, Qi gong and Pan gen Qigong. Discover more about Lin Jin Rong

Zhang Xiao GaoZhang Xiao Gao
32nd generation Shaolin monk. Expert in Shaolin Kungfu imitative forms, Shifu Zhang taught Shifu Fabio Zambelli the legendary Zui quan (Drunken fist boxing) in 2008, on his second trip to China. Shifu Zhang is also an expert in Acrobatics, Ying Zhao quan (Eagle claw) and Hou quan (Monkey boxing).

Hu Pei RunHu Pei Run
31st generation Shaolin Grand Master. Trained directly at the Shaolin monastery in Henan, Southern China, Hu Shifu specializes in Taiji quan (Yang style), Qin na and Xing Yi quan.


In February 2019, Heart of The Orient and The Shunlian Shenghuo Kungfu Academy have been recognized by Shifu Shi Xing Long and his Academy, the Xing Long Kungfu School China, now working closely together to spread genuine Shaolin martial arts and their deepest values. Heart of The Orient’s best Students, or athletes who wish to experience the real Shaolin Kungfu training, now have a chance to challenge themselves and change their life forever by travelling directly to Northern China and embrace the traditional Shaolin kungfu lifestyle.

Shi Xing Long with Shifu Fabio Zambelli