The first Dojo for Kung fu in Newcastle

Heart of The Orient is a little, humble Martial Arts Dojo with a touch of Made in Italy: the place, in fact, has been completely designed and built just by its founder Fabio Zambelli.

The Dojo

Initially constructed in Northern Italy as the operative center of the Shunlian Shenghuo Kungfu Academy, the same concept has been brought to Australia in 2012 with the same passion and mission: to offer a place for people to learn genuine Shaolin Kung fu, but with a huge difference that makes Heart of The Orient one of a kind: the Dojo is in fact the first replica of a Shaolin Dojo in the world.

  • fully designed and built by its founder
  • everything (doors, windows, tiles, wiring, flooring, training tools and weapons…) has been carefully hand-crafted
  • graphics, websites, inspirational videos, martial arts on-line resources, academy sportswear… our inventiveness at work
  • and, of course, the Academy, that has been established and is currently run by its founder

There is so much love and care at our Dojo, individually built with my own hands. My ultimate goal for each of you stepping into this world of mine is sharing with you the same passion that motivates me everyday. Fabio Zambelli

Heart of The Orient is the first designed, built and owned Shaolin Kungfu Dojo in Australia. Because we put Kung fu in everything, not only in what we teach.


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