I am Enrolled. What’s next?

No: what you need is just a pair of long, comfortable pants, a T-shirt and proper shoes (a jumper is recommended in winter). We highly recommend the original Feiyue Shoes, used by Shaolin Monks during their training. Feiyue Shoes are available at the Dojo for 33 $
Shaolin Students (two classes per week: Tuesday+Friday ) follow a four-week training cycle: this means that you will learn all aspects of Shaolin Kung fu in a four-week plan. An extra class (Wednesday) is also available if you want to learn Eight Extremities Boxing.
The Academy offers a wide range of shared sticks for the Weapon Class, but If you want to buy your own, personalized and hand-crafted staff, we can build it for you. Cost per stick: 39 $ (hardwood, oil-finished)
We have created a new Website with videos and training tips for you! Check this out or just type martialartsexplained.com on your PC / Ipad / Smartphone (new videos and techniques posted weekly). Site optimized for computers and laptops.
No, this is totally up to you, although wearing a grade belt is required. Cost is 15 $ for the Belt, 19 $ for the T-Shirt, 49 $ for the Pants, 79 $ for the whole Uniform (belt and gaiters are included). A new belt is given to you free of charge when you graduate.