Zelda Treasure Chest for Nintendo Switch: a Nintendo Switch overheating FixNintendo Switch overheating issue solution

Transform your brand new Nintendo Switch into a fine Treasure Chest! Yes, a Zelda Treasure Chest! This Zelda Treasure Chest for Nintendo Switch, completely hand-crafted and patiently oiled by Italian craftsman Fabio Zambelli, is not just a custom fan-made project, it’s just a pleasure for your eyes. And it hides a built-in Active cooling system, to keep your Nintendo Switch protected from overheating and dust.


Dimensions: 22cm x 33,5cm x 22,5cm (height)
Weight: 4 kg
Power consumption: 5 Volt DC
Cooling Fan: Noctua NF-A4x10
Air Intake: 35mm Venturi-based filtered system
Peak Noise: 17,9 Decibel

This Zelda Treasure Chest for Nintendo Switch will just become your ultimate Nintendo Switch overheating fix: its purpose will be protecting your Nintendo Switch under all conditions: Nintendo Switch is a wonderful machine indeed, but it’s the way you use it that determines its life-span. As you wouldn’t breathe dust rather than fresh air, so your Nintendo Switch should be treated the same!

Keep your Nintendo Switch Handheld enclosed into this nice looking Zelda Treasure Chest! Whist still being able you to detach it from its docking station, this “little house” will be the best way to keep your Nintendo Switch protected and perfectly ventilated!

This Zelda Treasure Chest for Nintendo Switch features one external USB port in order for you to:

  1. connect a Nintendo Pro Pad
  2. connect any USB Nintendo device that will be released in the future
  3. charge your phone, your Nintendo 3DS and virtually any device that works with 5 Volts DC voltage
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The Zelda Treasure Chest for Nintendo Switch is compatible also with:

  • Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
  • Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
  • Nintendo Gamecube
  • Nintendo DS Family
  • Nintendo 3DS

100% Italian Hand-crafted Product

I think quality is the combination between value and durability, although the glue used to bond these words can be either high quality and low quality. For this Zelda Treasure Chest for Nintendo Switch, you can be sure the glue I used is “Quality made in Italy” special glue! A robust, good looking ,ever lasting and unique chest, just for the true Zelda Enthusiast.

Fabio Zambelli

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PLEASE NOTE: This is not for sale and it’s not an official Nintendo Product.

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