sanjiegun_othaworldHarder to master than its brother with two sticks, this weapon is the best choice for athletes who are skilled both in the long Staff and in jointed weapons. It gives you the skills to fight with three weapons at the same time: the range of the Staff, the immediacy of a simple stick, and the unpredictability of a chained weapon.

Thanks to its ability to unfold as far as a long staff (and even more), the three section staff might be considered as powerful as the Lian gun (pronounced “lian kun”, wich means “two sticks”) whilst giving the athlete the ability of having a middle-stick for further protecting lowers body parts. Once the three section staff is completely unfolded, it can be controlled just like a long staff, allowing the athlete to control it and twist it just like a normal stick. Unfortunately this ability to unfold can be harmful if the weapon is not wisely controlled: in fact, sudden and uncontrolled blocking using this weapon may lead the student to harm himself, as the three sticks strictly follow the laws of physics.


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(Chinese name: gun “kun”)


Sai (Chinese name: dian xue chi)


Straight Sword (Chinese name: jian)


Nunchuk (Chinese name: shuang jie gun)

threesecThree Section Staff (Chinese name: san jie gun)